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Welcome to the home page of the Tri-State Beekeepers Association. We are a group of hobbyists in Ohio, Marshall, and Belmont counties who are dedicated to promoting beekeeping. We meet monthly and host local and state speakers in an attempt to educate beginners and foster camaraderie among more seasoned members. The meetings are always casual and supportive, drawing on the knowledge of veteran members in an exchange of techniques and know-how. We foster novice beekeepers through a mentor program, pairing an experienced member with a newbee.
Here we are checking out the bees.
We support a speakers bureau with individuals enthusiastic about presenting programs on bees and beekeeping for private and civic groups. The Tri-State Beekeepers Association welcomes all interested individuals to contact us for an informative and memorable experience.
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With great pride the TriState Beekeepers Association announces the partnership with West Virginia Northern Community College to offer our 2014 Beekeeping for the Novice Course.  The College has generously offered to house the course in their Education Center.

The course will again be presented by John Grafton.  John is a graduate of the Agricultural Technical Institute of OSU at Wooster, Ohio.  He served as one of three bee inspectors in Ohio and assisted in the development of the Eastern Apical Society Master Beekeeping Course.  Two of the awards John has received are the Ohio State Beekeepers Association’s Ohio Beekeeper of the year award and the Exceptional Service Award presented by the Apiary Inspectors of America. John has held various offices in OSBA and is a past president of the organization.  We are very fortunate to have an individual of his expertise offering this program.

The course will consist of six installments to be presented from March 18 through April 22 from 6:00-8:45 pm at the West Virginia Northern Community College, Education Center located at 17th and Eoff Streets in downtown Wheeling.  The program will follow a textbook and lecture format.   We are able to provide it at a cost of $30.00 per person plus the cost of the textbook priced around $17.00.  That is just $5 per class!!  Every topic needed for successful beekeeping will be covered, concluding with the demonstration of the colony installation.  While aimed at the inexperienced beekeeper, even the most seasoned hobbyist can gain some new ideas.  Reservations may be made starting January 1, 2014 and are limited to 25 students so advanced registration will be required.



WHEN:            Tuesday evenings from 6:00-8:45 pm March 18 through April 22, 2014. 

WHERE:          West Virginia Northern Community College, Education Center located at                                  17th and Eoff Streets. 

WHO:              John Grafton as the guest of TriState Beekeepers Association

 COST:             $30 per person includes all 6 lectures.  Textbook to be purchased for about $17.  Individual lectures cannot be attended.  This is a package course.


Reservations beginning January 1, 2014 can be made by calling Steve Roth (304) 242-9867 or through the TriState Beekeepers Association website at http://tristatebeekeepers.com.    Enrollment is limited to 25 students so advanced registration will be required.




Hello To All,

We are in the middle of winter.  No question, no doubt.  As I write this the weather forecast is for 2”-6” of new snow with temperatures below zero.  This weather certainly tests the success of your efforts last fall.  Let us hold our breaths and hope for the best.  And on the good side, we are lining up our spring schedule with an emphasis on the basics. 

We will begin the season with the February meeting scheduled for February 20, again at 7:00 pm at the Good Zoo Building.  As the weather may still be an issue in February, we will go by the schedule of Wheeling Park High School. If the school is open, we will have the meeting.  If the school is closed due to inclement weather, the meeting too will be cancelled.  Think positive.  Our member Rick Johnston will offer a presentation entitle WINTER AND EARLY SPRING MANAGEMENT.  Timing will be perfect for he will be instructing us in the actions that should be taken at that time.  In addition, annual dues will be collected at that meeting.  Remember, the amount is $15 per household with $6 going to the West Virginia Beekeepers Association and $9 remaining in the club account.

The March meeting will be held on March 20 with member Paul Bradshaw speaking on SUCCESSFUL BEEKEEPING TIPS.  The usual date for the April meeting falls within the Holy Week of Easter, and in attempt to avoid conflict, the April meeting will be moved to Thursday, April 10.  I will present a talk entitle LATE SPRING AND SUMMER MANAGEMENT.  I promise little talk and much demonstration including splits, combining colonies, package and queen installation, and swarm capture. 

Running concurrently at this time will be the Novice Program offered at the Northern West Virginia Community College.  Presented by our friend John Grafton, we will start on Tuesday evening, March 18 and meet each week for six weeks through April 22.  The cost remains $30 plus the cost of the textbook.  If you know anyone interested in beekeeping, or would like a review for yourself, please encourage all to attend.  We need a class of 12-14 to present, and we rely heavily on you to assist is in recruiting a participants.

The May meeting, scheduled for Thursday, May 15 is movie night.  John Welty has found a very informative and entertaining film entitled MORE THAN HONEY.  Searching for answers “More than Honey” takes us around the world to meet people living with and off honeybees. On our trip we meet almond growers in California, a Swiss mountain beekeeper, a neuroscientist investigating bee brains in Berlin, a pollen dealer in China, and a bee researcher in Australia. We even get to see “killer bees” invading the New World. We gain spectacular visual insights into the beehive –a fascinating world of fighting queens and dancing workers, of highly sophisticated swarm intelligence, where the individual constantly serves the requirements of the community.  An enlightening journey is promised.

To further emphasize technique, we will have an open hive demonstration/social on Saturday, June 21. This will give all of us an opportunity to share experiences and ideas while exploring the hive, good points and bad.  Summer will conclude with our annual picnic at the Bethlehem Park, scheduled for Thursday evening, August 21.  That is always a good time, sharing good food, good friends, and good conversation. 

Let me end here with a heartfelt invitation to continue the journey into beekeeping with the club, coming to gain insight and to share your knowledge with others who stand to learn much from your experience.  And let me wish you good luck in the coming storm…











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