Beekeeping Facebook Groups

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There are some very active Beekeeing groups on Facebook now. These groups are an invaluable source of information for both the novice and the experienced beekeeper.

One group is Backyard Beekeeping and has over 9,000 members from all over the world. Here you can ask just about anything as long as it's bee-related, and you can expect to get mutiple answers. Here is a typical post:

Mary Lou McCann: Two year newbie here. Southwestern Missouri. What do you all use in your smokers?
Michael Goins Pine needles , cheap and easy
Debbie Estes here in OK.. cow patties..
Eddie Daniel What I have under my lathe or saw
Grant Gillard Cedar chips (pet bedding) and wood pellets for longer days in the bee yard.
Mary Lou McCann Oh....I could so do cow patties. I'm hoping to find something that doesn't hurt my lungs....
And on and on... Fifty four comments so far.

Another group is called Bees & Beeks which is a group that requires a membership request.

Northern Beekeeping is a group of beekeepers who are (obviously) up further north, and here you can find really good information about keeping bees in colder climates, such as we have here in WV.

Here is a link to a post in that group with directions on how to make a sugar cake feeder: Here is a picture of a completed sugar cake inside a frame made of 1X2's. Here are instructions for making this feeder:

Here is one group where you can look to buy or sell bees and supplies: Bees And Supplys For Sale

I have learned a great deal from the posts in these groups. I should say that they have pretty much overwhelmed my Facebook page. Typical beeleepers!