Minutes from the November 15, 2012 Club Meeting

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The monthly meeting of the Tri-State Beekeepers Association was called to order at 7:00 pm. on November 15, 2012. The meeting was attended by 31 club members. Following a welcome to new beekeepers that attended a sincere expression of thanks was extended to Brian Roth and Ralph Seward. Their terms of office are expiring and the club wished to express their appreciation for their hours of work on behalf of the club. Their contributions will be missed although Ralph expressed a desire to remain active and available in offering his services. We then moved on to the 2012 elections. Both John Clark running as Vice-President and John Welty running as Secretary/Treasurer were unopposed. They were welcomed into the offices and an expression of gratitude for their offer to run and serve was voiced. We then settled down for business. John Clark demonstrated the website initially developed by Ralph as tristatebeekeepers.com. John pointed out how to log on, the ease of use, and the various categorized under which current information could be found. Members were encouraged to closely follow the site for updates of current events. John Welty then gave a treasurer’s report, pointing out that revenue barely meets costs. Out of the $10 annual dues, only $4 comes back to the club. John suggested that we increase the dues to $15/year, returning $9 to the club. Following the Treasurer’s report, Steve pointed out that according to the by-laws, a 10 day notice must be given to amend items of the by-laws such as the amount of the annual dues. Changes to the by-laws then require a majority vote by members. It was then moved that the 10 day period of notification be waived. Following a second, it was unanimously voted to be accepted. It was then moved and seconded that we accept the increase to $15 annual dues. It also was voted for in favor of without opposition. As a result, dues for the 2013 year will be $15/year/household. It was also adopted that members who hold a lifetime membership be assessed $9/year as the amount that would be returned to the club had annual payment for dues been made. The question of a spring seminar aimed at more advanced members was raised. Members expressed a desire to take a one day course through the club. Suggestions for a topic were entertained and the majority of members expressed an interest in queen rearing. Steve was drafted to formulate a winter/spring meeting on that topic using speakers of the highest possible level of expertise that could be recruited. Members will now be notified by mail and e-mail of seminar plans. Plans for the spring novice program were unveiled with John Grafton again presenting as the main speaker. The course will be held each Tuesday evening from March 19 through April 23, again housed at the Northern Community College Culinary Department. Current members were asked to recruit participants. A schedule of local bee seminars was given to include: HONEY BEE EXPRO AT PARKERSBURG, WV end of January WESTERN PA. BEEKEEPING SEMINAR AT MARS, PA February 15 & 16 TRI-COUNTY BEEKEEPING WORKSHOP AT WOOSTER, OHIO March 2 WV BEEKEEPERS ASSOCIATION SPRING MEETING held in April Members were strongly encouraged to attend some or all of the programs and were reminded to research vendors presenting at each program to allow them to place orders for pick-up thereby avoiding postage charges. The preliminary outline for 2013 speakers was covered with the following dates: March 21, 2013 – Steve Conlin of Thistle Dew has agreed to be our guest speaker, presenting a talk on chemical free beekeeping. Steve has several hundred hives and is always full of suggestions, drawing from his years of experience as a professional beekeeper. April 18, 2013 – Paul Poling has agreed to return for the April meeting to speak on a topic yet to be determined. Judging from his presentation given last month, the program is a must see event for club members. Members were again reminded that the 9 frame extractor provided by the WV Department of Agriculture remains available for their use. With the business meeting concluded, the balance of the evening was opened to questions, demonstrations, and discussion. Individuals attending for the first time expressed numerous questions that were enthusiastically answered by our more seasoned members. It is our hope that an interest in beekeeping could be fostered with continued participation in club events resulting. Demonstrations were given by Rick Johnston, John Clark, John Welty, Harry Reineke, and Steve Roth. May question were posed regarding swarm traps, viability of queens, winter feeding, and colony configuration. As is always the case despite ongoing conversation, members were evicted at 9:30 pm.