Minutes of April 18, 2013 Meeting





APRIL 18, 2013

 The monthly meeting of the Tri-State Beekeepers Association was called to order at 7:00 pm on April 22, 2013 at the GOOD Zoo.  The meeting was attended by 35 members.

The business meeting was opened by President Steve Roth who welcomed all guests and new members. Steve reminded club members that Club Dues for 2013 are now due.  Dues are $15.00 per year/per household.  $6.00 of that amount goes to the State WV Beekeepers Association. 

Steve noted that anyone who has ordered package bees from him can expect to pick them up the last week in April, at Steve’s house. Although the exact date is not yet known, notification will go out with instructions and directions to Steve’s house. If you are coming to pick up bees, please call ahead to make sure someone is at home. 304-242-9867.

Steve commented on the Novice Program. The program just held its 5th of 6 classes.  We had 13 people register and we thank John Grafton for the great job in leadership.  The final class will be held at Steve’s house, on April 23rd, with a demonstration of a package installation and an open hive evaluation.

Steve highlighted the upcoming lecture series for Spring, 2013.

May 16th         John Clark speaking on top bar hives

Aug 15th           Bethlehem Community Park Annual Picnic

Sep 19th           Physician (to be announced) speaking on sting allergy

Oct 17th           Bob Hooker speaking on pheromones

Nov 21st           John Grafton speaking on Autopsy of a dead colony

Steve added that we are working with Penny to arrange a February meeting with an open meeting format.

We are also working to develop a one day seminar in the fall presented by John Grafton and Dr. James Tew. Date and topic to be announced.

Steve has ordered and received 15 Bee Veils that can be lent out to any club memberwho may be interested in public speaking or bee demonstrations.

Steve noted that he will be presenting at the Lunch With Books program at the Wheeling Public Library on Tuesday, July 16th.

Steve asked all members to keep track of any presentations, displays or talks given on Beekeeping, as well as any State meeting attended.  This information is needed for us to apply for the Association of the Year.

There has been no new action on the observation hive at the Good Zoo. We are currently waiting on warm weather to proceed.

Steve reminded members to register their Apiaries with the state.

There was no new business.

With the business meeting concluded, Steve introduced and welcomed Paul Poling. Paul started his beekeeping career back in 1981 with the purchase of one hive from a local beekeeper. With the beekeeping “Bug” fueled, he began to increase the number of honeybee hives each year. He and his wife, Alisa, now own their own business, Mountain State Honey Company, with currently approximately 1,200 hives, which produce on average over 10 tons of extracted honey and comb honey per year. They are also very active in pollination in Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia, Virginia, and California.  Paul has been with the West Virginia Department of Agriculture for 27 years and currently has the title of Apiary Specialist.   In 1994, Paul earned the distinction of West Virginia Master Beekeeper from the WV Beekeepers Association.

Paul gave a very interesting and informative speech on Swarm control and Swarm Retrieval. Highlighting topics included how to reduce crowding (a MAJOR cause of swarming), promoting mite control (MAJOR cause of hive stress and potential swarming) and Queen Cell maintenance (in order to help control swarming).  For swarm retrieval, Paul described various swarm collection techniques and equipment.

Following Paul’s discussion, he answered numerous questions from the club. Following the presentation many members remained for snacks and discussion and finally departed at 9:00pm.