President's Message March 20, 2016

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March 20, 2016

Hello to All,

As I write this, light snow is falling.  I thought they promised us a spring.  Have you been into your bees yet?  I applied oxalic acid in late February and was astonished at the mite drop, both in the effectiveness of the treatment, and the infestation of mites.  This is a situation that I’m afraid we will have to contend with.                                                    

The novice program is now well underway with presentations by John Grafton, John Welty, and me.  We have 22 participants and many have expressed a desire to join the club for additional exposure to experienced beekeepers.  I continue to rely on you to give back in the form of mentoring.                                                                                             

It is not too late to register for the WV Beekeepers Association spring meeting scheduled for Friday, April 8 and Saturday, April 9 in Chapmanville, WV.  The guest speaker is Michael Bush and the application form can be found in the spring newsletter as well as the state website,                                                                      

Our spring schedule of speakers has filled out nicely.  At the April 21 meeting, our own Barry Peters and a representative from American National Farm Family Insurance Company will speak on the extent of our liability as beekeepers and vendors.  May 19 finds our friend Bob Hooker speaking on Backyard Queen Production.  The open hive demonstrations, scheduled on SATURDAY, June 11 will be presented by Wade Stiltner, the Chief Apiary Inspector for the State of West Virginia.  Wade will show us how to evaluate a colony in addition to demonstrations on mite management and the general makeup of the colony for newer beekeepers.  Please note that the August picnic that is traditionally help on the third Thursday of August was moved to Wednesday, August 17 due to scheduling conflicts at the park.                                                                                                         

And to add to it all, the 2016 Beekeeping Calendar compiled by John Welty is now on the website,  Click on the Beekeeping Calendar under the LINK section to the left.  By now, nucs and packages have been ordered and we expect delivery as usual in late April. 

So, much is happening in the club.  Please mark the dates.  To help we have included a sheet of events also found on the Event page.  Stay involved, read all that you can on beekeeping, and tend to the ladies.  Thanks so much for all that you do!!