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Hello to All,

As was promised to us, the weather has warmed, the flowers are in full bloom, and the bees are prospering.  These are busy times for both the bees and the keepers.  Packages and nucs have been received and many of us are experiencing beekeeping for the first time.  In part overwhelming, and in part a true pleasure.

As a club, we still have remaining gatherings scheduled for summer months.  Our May meeting will be held on Thursday, May 21 as usual at the Good Zoo. Presenting will be club member Annette Gantz, speaking about her FIRST YEAR AS A NOVICE BEEKEEPER.  Annette has been working on this presentation for several months and will now finally have her chance to offer it to us.  With many new beekeepers among us, there will be much interest in her experiences.

In the past, we have held the annual open hive demonstration at my house, but with the growing number of members, we have outgrown the site.  I have arranged with the Good Zoo to allow us to hold the event on their grounds on Saturday, June 20 at 1:00 pm.  We will move hives to a safe field at the Zoo and have several demonstrations to include a review of the equipment, an examination of colonies, and a demonstration of evaluating and treating for diseases and mites.  We have also reserved our usual meeting room for the afternoon to allow time for a social to follow the demonstrations.  I am hopeful that all members, both experienced and novice will take advantage of the opportunity to examine new techniques and to share their experiences and preferences.

We end the summer with our annual picnic held at the Bethlehem community park on Thursday, August 20 at 6:00 pm.  The club will supply chicken and members are asked to bring goodies of their choice.  This has proven to be a fun time, allowing us to meet very informally and enjoy conversation.  In the past, that conversation often strays far from beekeeping.

We have experienced a tremendous increase in interest and numbers, and as a result we hope to further expand our functions to allow each of us to continue to grow as beekeepers and continue to serve the community by fostering an appreciation of the honey bee.

I look forward to seeing you all at coming events…