President's Message April 28, 2016

Steve Roth's picture

As Always, Hello to All,

The last time I wrote we were experiencing snow and freezing rain.  Today the springtime that we were promised has arrived.  Grass is growing, flowering trees are in full bloom, and hopefully hives are bursting.  Well, maybe not quite bursting.  Maybe enough open comb to discourage swarming.  And with the springtime comes busy times for the beekeeper.

The club is moving along also.  In March we experienced a wonderful day with Dr. James Tew and John Grafton.  Topics were aimed at the basics in beekeeping and we were thoroughly entertained by Dr. Tew.  The program has acted as a stimulus to propel us to higher levels of expertise.  We will be treated at the May 19 meeting by Bob Hooker who will discuss backyard queen rearing.  We are now looking forward to the day of open hive demonstrations on Saturday, June 11 at the Good Zoo.  Preparations are being made to provide stations that will allow us to review the components and contents of the hive.  Demonstrations will include examinations for parasites and diseases and the appropriate treatments including the application of oxalic and formic acids.  We will experience Wade Stiltner, Chief Apiary Inspector in WV as our guide through the examination and treatment.  It promises to be very informative with much hands on opportunity.

The Good Zoo has recently experienced a change in leadership under the direction of the new curator, Dr. Joe Greathouse with whom we met to discuss the observation hive and our role in the Zoo.  Dr. Greathouse has proven to be very supportive of our activity.  Plans are underway to refurbish the observation hive with new signage and a facelift.  We hope to reinstall the colony in the first week of May.  As a club, we truly appreciate the support that we receive from staff and management and strive to return the kindness through an expanded presence at the Zoo and throughout the park.

Plans for the 2017 Spring Conference of the WV Beekeepers Association to be held at Oglebay Park continue to unfold.  Follow-up contact with speakers and park representatives resulted in the confirmation of the original framework.  We are now one year away and will shortly begin to formulate committees for the execution of details.  We continue to enthusiastically look forward to coming months to broaden our knowledge and to continue to foster the honey bee and beekeeping throughout the community and to encourage participation in our projects by interested individuals.

So for now, mind those bees and get your supers on!!