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Hello to All,

As the summer is drawing to a close we are all taking stock of our apiaries.  The mid-summer bloom was disappointing and many colonies were lost due to starvation.  Those of us who fed regularly experienced fewer losses.  Now we look forward to productive fall flowers.  Right now is an excellent time to treat for mites if you have not done so already.

We open our fall season with the return of our friend John Grafton speaking on September 21 about swarms and swarm removal, with Bob Hooker speaking to us at the October 19 meeting to demonstrate the Ohio State Beekeepers Association Apiary Diagnostic Kit.  The November 16 meeting will again host John Grafton who will speak on splits and nuc production. 

I want to call to your attention two events that are offered to you.  The Fall Conference of the WV Beekeepers Association is being held in Fairmont on September 22 and 23.  The featured speaker will be Alex Zomchek.  Alex is an Ohio State Beekeepers Association Master Beekeeper Instructor and frequently writes in the group’s Quarterly Newsletter in a clear engaging style.  In the first issue of 2017, his “Tale of Two Hives” explains the impact of monitoring on the survival of honeybees.  Those of you who took the 2017 Novice Beekeeping course will have your tuition cost waived.  Details can be found in the fall newsletter at:  This program is yet another opportunity to expand your expertise as a beekeeper.

We have been approached by the Ohio County Country Fair Board to assist in offering a honey contest at the county fair at Oglebay’s Oktoberfest, October 6, 7, and 8.  This is an opportunity to enter you very own honey to be judged against others in the area and to experience the fun of honey competition.  I have attached information regarding preparation of honey for competition.  The honey is to be entered in two 1# queenline jars.  The jars will be available to you at the September 21 club meeting and can be purchased at cost.  The Tri-State Beekeepers will offer a prize of $50 for the first place winner, $25 for the second place, and a ribbon for the third place entry.  I encourage all of you to participate in the competition to add yet another dimension to your beekeeping experience.  I look forward to seeing all of you at the September meeting…Steve