Wax Moth Trap

Steve Roth's picture

The September issue of Bee Culture contains a very informative article on the control of the wax moth.  Among other measures discussed, the writer describes a wax moth trap that is very simple and may aid in the control of the moths/worms in stored boxes. 

Start with a two liter clear soda bottle with the lid secured.  A 1.25 inch hole is then cut in the side of the bottle below the shoulder of the neck.  The ingredients for the bottle trap include one cup white vinegar, one cup granulated sugar, one cup water, and one banana peel.  The bottle should be set aside for a few days until the contents begin to ferment after which the bottle should be suspended a few feet off the ground using wire or string making a noose opposite the side of the entrance hole.  Wax moth adults will be attracted by the trap contents and will enter the bottle entrance and die because they are unable to escape.

The system sure sounds good to me and I plan to use it, especially to guard those vacant brood boxes!