Pesticides culprits in Colony Collapse Disorder

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In an article in the New York Times common pesticides known as neonicotinoids is named as the culprit in Colony Collapse Disorder.

Here is an excerpt from the article:


A Honey Standard??

By Sue Daly, Central Ohio Beekeepers Association, Legislative Committee

What in the world are we talking about?   What is a honey standard?    Honey is honey, correct?   Well, I’m glad you asked!!


Mission Statement

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As our mission, we are dedicated to the protection and preservation of the honeybee.  To accomplish that goal, we put an emphasis on education of the public in the value of the honeybee as a pollinator and the perils that it now faces, education of the novice beekeeper in proper management of a colony, and education of the experienced beekeeper in new concepts and practices while providing a forum through which they can pass their knowledge and experience to the next generation. 


This is How We Installed Our Bees Last Year

There are many ways to install bees.  As you know if you ask 12 beekeepers how to install bees you will get 12 different answers on how to do so. 

The first video below is how we installed our bees last year.  It worked out great. We will do the same install this year.  


Giving Ralph Seward a Hand...

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I want to personally give Ralph Seward a hand (can you hear me clapping?) for the GREAT JOB he is doing with the Tri-State Beekeepers Association's website. I think it is just wonderful we are fortunate enough to have it. I've been sitting on photos for awhile, (ever since I took them of the class this summer) and finally I decided that I should turn them over to Ralph, as I knew he would be able to do them justice here on the website. He did a beautiful job-- Bravo. Thanks Ralph.


Buzzzzzzzz What Honeybees Do...

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[img_assist|nid=87|title=|desc=|link=url|url=|align=left|width=75|height=100]Hi Everyone, Just wanted to share a photo of me at the book signing of Buzzzzzzzz What Honeybees Do. I was invited to speak as an author at a Retired Teachers Group in Machias Maine. It was a very special moment for me being in my home state of Maine, and talking about our greatest pollinator-- the honeybee.



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