April 18, 2019


The meeting was called to order in the theater of the Good with 36 members attending. New attendees were recognized and welcomed.

Members were reminded to pay dues and membership cards for those already paying were made available.

Updating the Belmont Correctional Facility program, members were informed that by partnering with the Harrison County Bee Club we were able to deliver over $3400 in beekeeping equipment and colonies. A program is being planned in which we can enter the facility as a club and meet the inmates and view their apiary.

Recognition was given to members Vickie and Jeff Shaw for their contribution to beekeeping in bringing Dr. Leonid Sharashkin to Wheeling for a presentation attended by 65 individuals. A special expression of gratitude was extended to Whitetails Unlimited for their generosity in sponsoring the program.

Members were urged to sign up for the Carmen Conrad program on May 18 presenting a course on honey preparation and judging for honey competition.

The remaining schedule for the spring session was outlined and members were referred to the website schedule for a complete listing of coming events. Members were surveyed for speakers in the fall series and an overwhelming request was made to ask Mark Bedillion to return for another question and answer session.

The guest speaker was Denise Ellsworth who gave a presentation of flowering plants pollinated by honey bees and suggestions for plantings that would attract and sustain the bee. Members responded with numerous questions and following our traditional social hour the meeting was concluded at 8:45 pm.