August 31, 2018

Hello to All,

We have just concluded a very successful WV Beekeepers Association Fall Conference in Fairmont last weekend.  If you ever have the opportunity to hear Dr. Sam Ramsey from Beltsville, Maryland speak, take advantage of it.  The man is dynamic, entertaining, and very knowledgeable.  He is a must see speaker!!

Let me take this opportunity to update you on our fall activities.  At your request, we are moving the start time of the monthly meetings to 6:30 pm to allow us to conclude at a more reasonable hour.  I apologize to any that this may inconvenience, but the majority voted in favor of it at the summer picnic.

The fall lectures start with the first meeting on Thursday, September 20 with Paul Poling, the former WV Chief Apiary Inspector and owner of Mountain State Honey, one of the largest commercial operations in the state.  Paul is going to speak on commercial beekeeping, but will also be available to field all questions.  Paul is truly a Master in beekeeping and is the source of valuable information.  You don’t want to miss this presentation.

We meet again on October 18 with our friend Bob Hooker returning to give a program sponsored by the Ohio State Beekeepers Association expanding on splits and nuc building.  Bob is always very entertaining and informative. 

The November 15 meeting will find Mark Bedillion of Bedillion Honey Farm in Hickory, PA as our guest speaker.  We have obtained nucs from Mark for the past two years.  He will be sharing his very successful techniques in beekeeping.

The programs promise to be VERY informative with practical information that will help you as a beekeeper, whether experienced or just starting.  The speakers coming are individuals who are much respected in the beekeeping community and will have a great deal to offer to us.  Be sure to make each meeting and anticipating beekeepers’ hungry for information and refreshments, consider bringing a snack.

See you in September!!!