President’s Letter December 30, 2020

Hello Fellow Beekeepers,

What a year!!! We can only hope for better. However, despite all of the turmoil, beekeeping has remained unchanged and offers a refuge for us to escape this confusion. Not that there is no confusion in my bee yard. However…

First, we remain unable to meet as a group, but will resume as soon as reasonable. In the meantime, we will have a Zoom meeting on January 21, the third Thursday, just to make contact with each other. I will announce the event address as it approaches. We will not be collecting dues until we can actually meet. Memberships from 2020 will continue to be recognized.

In the same way, we are unable to schedule a novice program this spring. In lieu of that, I am encouraging all that are interested in beekeeping to consider joining the Tri-State Beekeepers Association when we are able to meet. We will begin our lecture series with a few Beekeeping 101 presentations for the new beekeepers, and then move to Beekeeping 201 in the fall. We also hope to add some open hive days for the new beekeepers and hope that all presentations will act as a refresher course for those with more experience.

We are again obtaining nucs and packages from Mark Bedillion this year. If you were a member of Tri-State last year, you may take advantage of the offer this year. If you are a first-time beekeeper and wish to eventually join the club, please contact me to make arrangements for obtaining your bees. 3-pound packages are $139 with $5 more for a marked queen. 5 frame nucs are $175. As before, the packages arrive in late March and the nucs came in late May to early June. You can order by email to me at Orders must be in by January 31.

I hope that very soon we can again gather, to learn more about beekeeping, to again greet each other with a hearty handshake or a hug, and to enjoy all of the sweet treats that follow the meetings. Please stay well and safe…


President’s Letter August 31, 2020

Hello to All,

We are back!  We are back!!  Kinda…  With the help of the Ohio State Beekeepers Association, of which we are an affiliate member, we are able to provide a virtual meeting and presentation on Thursday, September 17 at the usual 6:30 pm time.  We will begin with a few brief comments regarding club items, and then receive a real time presentation from our longtime friend Bob Hooker.  Bob is always very entertaining and will be speaking on the very timely topic of over wintering colonies.  Once OSBA has the program codes I will forward them to you so that you can actively participate.  If the program goes well, we will try to arrange subsequent Zoom presentations on our own.

While not meeting in person, I see this as a start that will lead to the eventual resumption of monthly meetings at the Good Zoo.  Please plan to attend and to participate as we return our club to normal life.  Once I have more information I will be in touch.


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November 21, 2019


The meeting was called to order in the classroom of the Good Zoo with 32 members attending. There were no new attendees to welcome.

Members were reminded that dues for 2020 will be collected at the February 20 meeting, remaining the same at $15/year for a regular membership, but increasing to $90 for a lifetime membership.

Details regarding the December 10 visit to the Belmont Correctional Facility were outlined.  We will be meeting in the main lobby of the facility at 9:00 am with the program starting at 9:15 and lasting until 10:30.  Anyone interested in attending must contact Steve by Friday, November 29 to be included.

Information for the novice program was given and registration will open on the website on January 1.  Dates will be finalized once arrangements for the delivery of bees have been confirmed.

We will again be obtaining bees from Bedillion Farms.  Packages will be $135 plus $4 if you want the queen marked.  They will be available on March 31.  Nucs will be $165 and available between mid-May and early June, depending on the weather.  Orders must be placed with Steve by January 31. 

Member Wayne Shook showcased sample hive bodies that were painted by inmates at the prison.  As voted on at the October meeting, as a club we will purchase equipment to construct and decorate one hive for the Wilson Lodge courtyard and two for the Good Zoo display in appreciation for the use of the meeting room at the Zoo.

Upcoming seminars were described with members informed of the Honey Bee Expo in Parkersburg on January 25, 2020 and the WVBA Spring Conference in Elkins on March 20-21.  Details were be forwarded when available.

Member Mary Mowrer has assumed responsibility for refreshments at the monthly meetings and circulated a sign-up sheet for members to volunteer to bring items to specific meetings.  Many thanks to Mary and Ed for taking on this role.

Upcoming speakers for the 2020 meetings were revealed.  Our own Bob Hooker will be speaking on Nutrition of the Colony at the February 20 meeting and Wade Stiltner will present at the March 19 meeting, speaking on the Identification and Management of Diseases and Parasites.  Members were reminded of our policy in case of inclement weather.  If Wheeling Park High School is cancelled or has early dismissal, we will cancel the meeting.  Members were advised to watch the website and their email if in doubt.

The speaker for the evening was Mark Bedillion outlining his management practices, suggestions for successful survival of the colony and giving us some insight to the pollination business.  Members were able to walk away with much valuable information.

Following a short social the program was concluded at 9:00 pm.

October 17, 2019


The meeting was called to order in the classroom of the Good Zoo with 35 members attending. New attendees were recognized and welcomed.

Members were informed that President Steve Roth would like to delegate some of the roles that he had assumed over the years.  A request was made for someone to be responsible for setting up the room for the meetings and Chris Druschel volunteered to take on the role.  In a similar way, Mary and Ed Mowrer agreed to be responsible for refreshments at the meetings.  A request was made for someone to arrange the open hive demonstration in May, to manage the extractor loan system, or to assist in developing topics for meetings.  No one stepped up to volunteer.

However, several more topics were suggested for future meetings including short videos submitted by members on how to light a smoker, how to examine a hive, feeding techniques, and a description of any homemade devices.  Members requested programs  to cover basic management topics such as disease and parasite identification and treatment.  Also it was requested that a suggestion box be placed in the meeting room for additional topics to be identified.

A letter was read from the WV Extension Service detailing the 4-H Youth Development program and a request for assistance.  Members voted to send a $100 contribution to the program and Treasurer John Welty was directed to issue the check. 

Members were informed of the generosity being extended to us by Oglebay Park through the Good Zoo.  We are given monthly access to the meeting room at no charge.  To rent the room it would cost $200 per night.  We have used the site for the past 10 years on an average of 8-10 times per year and have never been charged.  In recognition of the friendship extended to us, it was suggested that the Tri-State Beekeepers fund and maintain two hives in the newly developed natural plantings area of the Good Zoo and also to place a garden hive in the courtyard of the Wilson Lodge.  Members agreed to fund the project and the President was directed to approach the inmates of the Belmont Correctional Facility to assist in fabricating formal hives.  The project is now slated to begin early in 2020.

An invitation has been extended to club members to attend a recognition event at the Belmont Correctional Facility on December 10 at 9:15.  We have been approved for 10-12 guests and more details will be available at the November meeting.

The program for the evening was presented by Attorney Paul McKay on the liability of beekeepers in a variety of situations.  Members were surprised by the details in liability and appropriate beekeeping techniques to minimize exposure to litigation.  A social followed his presentation and the program was adjourned at 9:00 pm.