February 20, 2020


The meeting was called to order in the classroom of the Good Zoo with 42 members and guests attending. New attendees were welcomed.

Members were reminded that dues for 2020 will be collected at this meeting, remaining the same at $15/year for a regular membership, but increasing to $90 for a lifetime membership.

Details of the recent celebration with the members of the Belmont Correctional Bee Club were outlined.  At the event, Tri-State Beekeepers and Harrison County Beekeepers were both presented with checks of $1000 as an expression of their gratitude for our support of their program.  Our use of the money in providing hives for the Good Zoo display and the welcome hive in Wilson Lodge was discussed.  Inmates are fabricating the hives and we hope to have them completed in time for a formal presentation to Oglebay at our March meeting.  In addition, the expenditure of $280.23 for the purchase of additional textbooks for the inmates was described.

Orders for nucs and packages were finalized and we expect delivery of the packages on March 31 and the nucs in late May or early June.

John Welty gave a treasurer’s report defining both income and expenses for the 2019 year.

The 2020 novice class began on Tuesday, February 18 with 29 participants enrolled.

The reconstruction of the website was outlined and an expression of gratitude was extended to members Ralph Seward and John Welty for their assistance in developing the site.  While the appearance of the site is still not complete, the content is up to date.  A request for assistance from any members experienced in website design was made.

We had hoped to present the award won by member Lyndsey Phillips from the Ohio State Beekeepers Association in competing in the 4-H Scholarship Program at the February meeting, but due to illness, the event was postponed until the March 19 meeting.

Members were told of the hiring of Shanda King as the full time WV Dept. of Agriculture Chief Apiary Inspector.  We hope to have Shanda as a speaker at one of our fall meetings.

The 2020 Beekeeping Calendar designed by John Welty was unveiled as well as the 2020 Calendar of Tri-State Beekeepers events.  Both documents are available on the website www.tristatebeekeepers.com.

Our speaker for the evening was long time friend Bob Hooker.  It was with mixed emotion that Bob was introduced for he is moving to the Columbus area and may longer be a regular as our guest.  Bob spoke on Honey Bee Nutrition and the presentation as very well received by members. 

A social followed with the meeting adjourning at 9:00 pm.