February 21, 2019


The meeting was called to order at the new starting time of 6:30 pm with 60 members attending.  New attendees were recognized and welcomed.

The program was started with the presentation of the recently purchased sound system to Vickie Markey who represented the Good Zoo.  The club expressed appreciation for the generosity of the Zoo in allowing us to make use of the facility over the years at no cost.  Vickie in turn related to our members how much their role in beekeeping parallels the mission of the Zoo and she expressed a desire to continue the relationship for many years to come.

Orders were taken for nucs at $165 each and packages of bees without the queen marked at $135 or with the queen marked at $139.  Bees are being purchased from Bedillion Farms this year.

Members were informed of the WV Beekeepers Association’s grant program launched in November, 2018.  On behalf of the Challenger Learning Center’s Bee Amazed e-lab an application was submitted to the WVBA and a grant of $1,000 was received for the Center.  The thank you letter from the Center was read and members expressed their admiration of the grant process and the program at the Challenger Center.

Member Wayne Shook briefly outlined the progress being made at the Belmont Correctional Institute and produced a list of equipment needed by the facility which was passed out to members.  Donations were accepted and $616 was collected.  A motion was made and seconded that Tri-State Beekeepers as a club match the amount, bringing the total contribution to $1232.  The motion was passed unanimously.  In addition, 3 nucs were pledged by club members.  A similar drive is now underway with the Harrison County Beekeeping Association and once their donations have been received the equipment will be purchased and presented to the inmates’ bee club.

Member Vickie Shaw then unveiled a program that she is producing with internationally recognized beekeeper, editor, and forester Dr. Leo Sharashkin to be presented on April 13 at Wilson Lodge in Oglebay Park.  He will speak on natural beekeeping, backyard gardening, and protecting the environment.  Vickie has obtained a grant from WhiteTail Unlimited to partially fund the program, allowing it to be provided free of tuition.  A motion was made and seconded to authorize the club to donate $300 to aid in the production of the presentation.  The motion was passed without dissent.

A program that is being produced with Carman Conrad by Tri-State Beekeepers was outlined.  She is nationally known expert in honey preparation, presentation, and judging and will present a one day program on May 18 to members, again without tuition.  The event will be held at the West Liberty University campus at the Highlands Mall.  Additional information will follow as the program is more formally developed.

Club members were informed that we now have 31 registered for the novice program to begin Tuesday, February 26.  John Grafton will again be assisting us in the presentation.

The 2019 spring schedule was unveiled and numerous events were pointed out.  Members were informed that we will be hosting an open hive demonstration with John Brannon, the newly appointed WVDA bee inspector assigned to our region.  It will be held at the Good Zoo on June 1, 2019.

The evening was concluded with a presentation from Dr. Greg Polsinelli on the mechanism for differentiating between the queen and worker bees.  He described research that he has done in identifying the importance of the basic elements potassium, sodium, and zinc, needed in very specific amounts in the royal jelly to produce healthy and fertile queens. 

The program was concluded with a social hour and the meeting adjourned at 9:30 pm.