March 22, 2019


The meeting was called to order in the theater of the Good Zoo for the first time.  With 57 members attending we have outgrown the original meeting room and the Zoo management has graciously allowed us to use the theater.  New attendees were recognized and welcomed.

Members were informed that the ordered packages of bees would arrive on March 27 and could be picked up at Steve’s house after 5:00 pm on that date.

Next we received an update on the Belmont Correctional Facility Bee Club.  $616 was donated at the February meeting with matching pledges of $616.  In addition, 3 nucs valued at $165 each were donated bringing the combined value to $1727.  Similar amounts were pledged by the Harrison County Bee Club.  Arrangements are now being made to purchase the requested equipment and books.

The program to be presented by Vickie Shaw and the sponsorship of White Tails Unlimited was again described and a check for $300 that was pledged by Tri-State Beekeepers will be delivered to her at the program on April 13.  Members were strongly encouraged to attend the day with Dr. Leonid Sharashkin at Wilson Lodge in Oglebay Park.  Reservations can be made by contacting Vickie at

The program presented by Tri-State Beekeepers on May 18 with Carman Conrad speaking on honey preparation for competition and the judging of honey in competition was again outlined.  Reservation can be made by contacting Steve at  The program is being presented at no cost to members in an attempt to revive enthusiasm in honey competition in advance of the Ohio County Fair and the honey contest.

Updates regarding the novice program were given with 29 participants.  Club members were encouraged to share experiences and management philosophies with the new beekeepers.  Many of them will be receiving their first colonies on March 27 and much excitement filled the air.

A request for the 2019 swarm list was made.  Members were reminded to register their apiaries.  Those registered in 2018 will receive a reminder from the WV Dept. of Agriculture in May or June.  Presently the Department is in transition and a qualified inspector is not presently available for an open hive day.  As a result, none will be scheduled for this year, hoping to resume in 2020.

The club’s remaining 2019 schedule was reviewed and members were referred to the website for a complete listing.

The speaker for the evening was Mark Bedillion of Bedillion Farms.  Mark simply fielded questions for over 1½ hours on his management techniques.  Following his visit several members asked that we have him back as a guest for his information was found to be invaluable.

The program was followed by a social and the meeting was concluded at 9:00 pm.