May 16, 2019


May 16, 2019

The meeting was called to order in the theater of the Good Zoo with 40 members attending. New attendees were recognized and welcomed.

Members were informed that nucs will be arriving on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.  Notice will be sent to those with orders once a firm date has been established.

Member Wayne Shook gave an update on the progress of the Belmont Correctional Institute’s bee club.  All equipment that was donated has been delivered and the members are now constructing the wooden ware.  Currently they have three active hives and are awaiting delivery of the three nucs that have been pledged.  A formal program of appreciation is being planned by Institute members.

Plans for the program presented by Carmen Conrad on honey preparation and production, scheduled for Saturday, May 18 were reviewed.  Currently 17 individuals have signed up and one last request for additional registrants was made.

Members were reminded to register their apiaries and were told that forms were mailed out by the WV Department of Agriculture earlier this week.  We were also informed that the recent session of the WV legislature passed a law to authorize the creation of license plates recognizing beekeepers.  We were told that the plates would not be available for 1-2 years.  We will continue to track the progress.

Member Ralph Seward was recognized as the WV Beekeepers Association’s new Webmaster and Kathi Hinkley-Vaughn as the new Membership Secretary.  Both were thanked for their commitment and willingness to become involved.

A request was made for topics to be explored in coming meetings and several suggestions were made.  The president expressed his gratitude for the input in defining the focus of the club in coming months.  Members were reminded of the club picnic scheduled for Wednesday, August 14 at the Bethlehem Community Park and announcements will be mailed as the date approaches.

With no new business identified we turned to Bob Hooker for the presentation of the evening on Hobbyist Queen Rearing as produced by the Ohio State Beekeepers Association.  Members greatly enjoyed his basic approach to queen rearing and the evening was concluded at 8:45 following the social.