October 18, 2018


The meeting was called to order at the new starting time of 6:30 pm with 31 members attending.  New attendees as well as returning members were recognized and welcomed. 

Winners of the Ohio County Fair Honey Competition were recognized.  Rick Johnston won first place in the light honey category and Greg Crabtree won first place in the dark category with Wayne Shook receiving second place.  It was noted that participation was very limited.

We received a report from member Wayne Shook regarding the bee club at the Belmont Correctional Facility.  He displayed a beautiful observation hive that had been constructed by the inmates and updated us on the condition of the two colonies at the facility which produced a limited amount of honey in the first season.  We were introduced to Will May, the individual responsible for starting the program at the facility and he described in detail the philosophy of the program and the intended direction for future development. Wayne stated that they are unable to receive cash contributions, but a list of needed items is being developed to allow us to donate.

The president introduced the topic of providing the Oglebay Good Zoo facility a gift in recognition of all of the assistance that they have given us in providing a meeting site.  It was suggested that we provide them with a portable microphone system for use in the meeting room.  A motion was made by Kathy Vaughn to authorize John Welty to investigate the equipment need and return to the November meeting with recommendations.  It was seconded by Rick Johnston and approved.

Members were reminded of our meeting policy regarding inclement weather.  If the Ohio County system is cancelled on the meeting day, we are also cancelled.  Members will also be notified of cancellations by email and facebook.

Upcoming events were then outlined to include:

November 15 – Mark Bedillion of Bedillion Farms speaking on his techniques in beekeeping

The presentation for this evening was given by Bob Hooker and sponsored by the Ohio State Beekeepers Association describing nuc production and use.  Members found it very informative and looked forward to applying techniques in the coming year.

October 18, 2018The program was followed by a social in which the new beekeepers availed themselves to an assortment of advice from the more experienced members and an array of snacks.  The meeting was then adjourned at 9:00 pm.