President’s Letter December 30, 2020

Hello Fellow Beekeepers,

What a year!!! We can only hope for better. However, despite all of the turmoil, beekeeping has remained unchanged and offers a refuge for us to escape this confusion. Not that there is no confusion in my bee yard. However…

First, we remain unable to meet as a group, but will resume as soon as reasonable. In the meantime, we will have a Zoom meeting on January 21, the third Thursday, just to make contact with each other. I will announce the event address as it approaches. We will not be collecting dues until we can actually meet. Memberships from 2020 will continue to be recognized.

In the same way, we are unable to schedule a novice program this spring. In lieu of that, I am encouraging all that are interested in beekeeping to consider joining the Tri-State Beekeepers Association when we are able to meet. We will begin our lecture series with a few Beekeeping 101 presentations for the new beekeepers, and then move to Beekeeping 201 in the fall. We also hope to add some open hive days for the new beekeepers and hope that all presentations will act as a refresher course for those with more experience.

We are again obtaining nucs and packages from Mark Bedillion this year. If you were a member of Tri-State last year, you may take advantage of the offer this year. If you are a first-time beekeeper and wish to eventually join the club, please contact me to make arrangements for obtaining your bees. 3-pound packages are $139 with $5 more for a marked queen. 5 frame nucs are $175. As before, the packages arrive in late March and the nucs came in late May to early June. You can order by email to me at Orders must be in by January 31.

I hope that very soon we can again gather, to learn more about beekeeping, to again greet each other with a hearty handshake or a hug, and to enjoy all of the sweet treats that follow the meetings. Please stay well and safe…